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      The Main Functions Of Phosphatidylserine


      Improve brain function

      • 1. Improve brain function, concentrate attention and improve memory. 1224 patients participated in a clinical trial, and the results showed that after supplementation with phosphatidylserine, the parameters of cognition and memory were significantly improved. Therefore, supplementation of phosphatidylserine can improve long-term memory, long-term cognition, and ability to speak freely and logically.
      • 2. Improve student performance. A study of 120 third-year students in Chongqing Bashu Middle School also found that students who took fortified phosphatidylserine had significantly improved verbal and nonverbal memory after 40 days. To
      • 3. Relieve stress, promote recovery from brain fatigue and balance emotions. A number of studies have shown that phosphatidylserine can significantly reduce the level of excessive stress hormones in the body of work-stressed people, reduce stress and relieve brain fatigue.
      • 4. Help repair brain damage. Phosphatidylserine is one of the main components of brain nerves. It can nourish and activate the activity of various enzymes in the brain, delay the process of neurotransmitter reduction, help repair and renew damaged brain cells and remove harmful substances.

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